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They dragged me into the courtroom, I was not a pretty sight. The bailiff tried to quiet me, but I only wanted to fight. I knew that I was guilty of all that they had said. I know I hadn't been perfect, but I don't want to be dead! The devil walked over to me and looked me up and down. He said I had done plenty to put me in the ground! I screamed to the judge for mercy, "Please be leanient with me!" But Satan's laugh grew louder and he said, "What a feeble plea!" I cried, "Is there no one to help me? Is there no one in this place? That would stop this execution and administer to me grace?" But the courtroom soon went silent as the judge ran through my life. And I cried, "Father, forgive me for my sin and all my strife!" Suddenly the doors threw open and I could hear footsteps in the rear. Satan shouted, "No! he's mine, and I will torment him with fear!" But the stranger wouldn't listen, he said, "I have the release right in hand." As he gently removed me from my cross and the nail was placed on his hand. I could now see that it was Jesus as the whip tore flesh from his back And the thorns were slammed on his head as again the whip would crack. I sobbed, "Lord, how can you do this? I was the one that committed the sin. It was I that Satan accused, it was I that denied you again." But through his blood soaked hair he looked up at me with a smile, and said, "My precious child, I knew you were guilty at this trial." In tears I asked, "Please Lord, come down off of that tree!" But His torment just grew stronger and I fell down to my knees. I looked down to see the blood flowing on the ground onto the sand; as the earth began to moan from the pain of the Son of Man. The skies began to darken for they could not stand the sight, of the Lord in pain and torment, so they drew their curtain into night.

The winds, they grew angry, "How could man have done this thing?" They blew widly across the hillside as the bells began to ring. I asked, "Lord, why must you do this, I"m not worthy of you." I cried.

He said, "My son, it's because I love you!" and He hung his head and died.

by Terry Richardson

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