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Funny, Isn't It?

Funny how twenty dollars looks like a lot of money when we're about to make a donation to charity,but it looks so small when we take it to buy bread and milk.

Funny how long an hour of time feels to go to church, but how short it seems when we're online, fishing or playing games..

Funny how we hate cutting the grass, but look forward to walking the length of a golf course for exercise.

Funny how we watch our weight by washing down our hamburgers and fries with diet cola. Funny how we speed up to get the next stop light sooner.

Funny how we can comprehend novels in detail that are 500 pages long, but can't seem to figure out what the one sentence Golden Rule means.

Funny how we can't think of anything to say when we pray but can talk to our friends non-stop for hours.

Funny how we need 2-3 weeks advance notice to schedule a meeting with a civic organization, but when it comes to going out to eat or drink with friends, we only need 2 minutes to get ready.

Funny, isn't it?

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