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Well, it's FINALLY here!! I have made several bordered backgrounds, ALL including the buttons, bars, etc, to go with them!! Try to understand, though, that this site is still under construction, and there WILL be more bordered backgrounds coming as soon as I have time to make them! So if you don't like the ones I have now, come back in a few days and you never know, you might find one you want!

They're all FREE, all you have to do is right click the picture, button, bar, background, etc, and save it to your disk! Of course before you can use them you'll have to upload them... here's a few places to upload:


Web Chat Broadcasting

TWO more things... if you do decide to use my border sets, please email me to let me know. Just click on the Email link below. AND, if you use my border sets, link back to my Border Background homepage using the button provided!

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to stop back by to see more background sets that I will continue to add! Enjoy...

Teddy Bears

Purple Gradient

Smiley Faces

Purple Flowers





Purple Fuzz

Blue Feather

Curtain Shadows


Purple Weave

Teal Design

Blue Sunset


Warped Steel

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